Damask and Taffeta Woven Labels

We are woven labels manufacturer in Delhi specializing in Damask and taffeta labels our labels are widely used not only by garments manufacturers but also by shoes manufacturers and home furnishing industry but that doesn't means woven labels are for these industries only.
No matter what is your requirement we are always available for your labeling needs. We are one of few woven labels suppliers who deals all over India.
We make damask labels not only in full damask but also in semi damask quality where price also plays an important part. taffeta labels are also produced in two qualities , Plain taffeta and Overlapping Taffeta.

Damask Woven Labels

Damask labels have very smooth and soft texture. Best choice for high quality garments where fine details are required on labels such as small text.
Damask labels also comes in Two flavors Full Damask Labels and Semi Damask labels.
Full Damask Labels are the best quality labels made for high end garments that reflects brand image.
Semi Damask labels are mid range damask where price also matters along with quality.

Taffeta Labels

Taffeta woven labels are low quality labels as compared to damask labels, but that doesn't means low quality yarn is used. Yarn quality is always same in Taffeta and Damask labels only denier changes.
Taffeta labels are the best choice when price is the main factor generally seen where high volume of garments produced and quality of label is not an important factor.